Atlas of Suturing Techniques: Approaches to Surgical Wound, Laceration, and Cosmetic Repair

This book presents the building blocks of suturing and wound repair in an at-a-glance, economical atlas format. Unique to this atlas are Dr. Kantor's tips and pearls for each technique, as well as the caveats of drawbacks and cautions. Each method is diagrammatically illustrated and many are supplemented by the online videos.

In its pages, the author shares his vast expertise and helps other physicians across varied specialties improve outcomes for patients requiring repair of any wound. Starting with chapters on principles of wound management and wound repair, the atlas then moves on to equipment, positioning, and other key principles. The next section covers 25 suture techniques, providing detailed step-by-step instructions adjacent to drawings and photos of the techniques. Finally, the last section covers each area of anatomy, guiding the practitioner in what suture to use when, how to modify certain sutures in specific locations, and even how to prepare and execute skin grafts.